A Little Princess

The book "A Little Princess" tells a story about a girl called Sara who was born in India. Her mother was dead and his father, Ralph Crewe, worked in India. When Sara was 7 years old, her father took her into a school in London and he went back to India. There, he looked for diamonds in a mine with a friend.

Unfortunately, his father died and his friend took his money. Sara was alone and poor. Miss Minchin, the principal of the school made her work as a servant-girl in the school. Sara and her friend Becky (another servant-girl) were cold and hungry.

Later, two men from India (Mr Carrisford, Ralph's friend and a lascar) moved to the house next door. Thery were looking for Ralph Crewe's daughter, but they didn't know her. They went to Paris to look for her and to Russia but they didn't found her. One day, their monkey came into Sara's room and Sara went to their house with the monkey. When Sara was talking to them, she said "Lascar", an Indian word. The men were surprised and discovered that Sara was Mr Crewe's daughter. Mr Carrisford adopted Sara and Becky and they were happy.

I really like this book. It tells a beautiful story with a happy and unexpected ending. I recommend it.